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Amazon Life

I love Amazon, but it feels like its becoming a life coach of sorts, an auto fixer of problems! Baby won’t sleep? Can’t move business to next level? Marriage breaking down? A model of a Lionfish?  Vitamin deficiency? Need a World War II home guard outfit?  A poster of a specific algae at A1 scale?  No problem.  Amazon it.  It’s the one-stop shop for your life.  Old you- new you. Broken you- fixed you.  A solution to put the world to rights, even send a gentle hint to a friend about his perceived emotional issues- anonymously Amazon gift him an ever so slightly passive aggressive hint with a self-help book (note- I have never done this, but have been witness to a friend doing it!)

If only Amazon (and your flexible friend) had been accessible in our teens.  The monobrow, teenage angst, bad skin, bad chat up lines, bad dress sense would have been a thing of the past- luckily it already is! You could create a new version of yourself using just Amazon, but although that little shopping habit helps, nothing replaces talking to people and connecting with others- whether that be a women’s group like the marvelous Brunch Huddle in Colchester, a business networking meeting or a chat with your friend over coffee.  This post is a little reminder for myself that material things, books and music are great, but connections and talking are where it begins.



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